Products and Services

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At Terapac Technology – we take pride in being your "ONE STOP SOLUTION PROVIDER". With a variety of services being offered to you from our trained employees, Terapac Technology is able to deliver our solutions to you cost effectively and efficiently. Our products and services offered to you included but not limited to the following :-

Packaging Solutions

Terapac Technology will custom make our packaging solutions in accordance to our customer’s requirements and specifications.  We, at Terapac Technology believe solely in “Customer’s Satisfaction “ through :-

  • Quality Products
  • Efficient and timely delivery
  • Good Service and Competitive Pricing
  • Reduced costs of compliance with packaging waste legislation and legal requirements
  • Reduced customer returns
  • Improved environmental performance and credentials

Timber Cases
We are able to deliver :-
• Regular cases (six sided boxes with no gaps)
• Plywood boxes
• Timber boxes

Features & Benefits
-Excellent stacking capabilities
-Durable and robust construction
-Excellent timber packing cases for multiple reuse
-Timber packing cases manufactured in sawn softwood of Malaysian origin sourced from sustainable sources

Timber Crates
Our timber crates and wooden packaging solutions are specified and manufactured to experienced designs. This ensures that they are the most appropriate, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution available for the application in which they are used. This timber crate is a similar construction to a Timber Case but has reduced sheathing members. It provides similar protection to the case except for resistance to weather or tampering.
We are able to deliver :-

• Regular crates (six sided boxes with gaps between slats)
• Plywood boxes
• Timber boxes

Features & Benefits
-Excellent stacking capabilities
-Durable and robust construction
-Excellent timber crate for multiple reuse
-Timber crate manufactured in sawn softwood of Malaysian origin sourced from sustainable sources

Timber Pallets
At Terapac Technology, we stock and supply standard sized pallets for all weights and requirements. Our timber pallets are manufactured from experienced designs and specifications ensuring that they are the most appropriate, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly wooden packaging solution possible for the application in which they are used.
We are able to deliver:-

• 2 - Way & 4 - Way entry Pallets
• Timber Pallets
• Skids
• Hardwood Pallets
• Combination Hardwood/Softwood Pallets
• 2nd Hand Pallets
• Plastic Pallets
• Cardboard Pallets
• Pallet repairs

-Entry from two sides of the pallet
-Strong design
-Heavy duty, robust construction
-Ideal pallet for handtruck movement
-Excellent timber pallets for multiple reuse
-Pallets manufactured in sawn softwood of Malaysian origin sourced from sustainable sources

-Easy entry from all four sides of the pallet
-Pallet can be used either way up
-Even weight distribution giving excellent stacking capabilities
-Heavy duty and robust construction
-Pallet can be easily repaired, reused and recycled
-Pallets manufactured in sawn softwood of Malaysian origin sourced from sustainable sources

Packaging Services
At Terapac Technology, we offer onsite packaging service. We'll develop the design that will best package your equipment; we'll create the packaging, and we'll supply all the labor to properly package your products at your facility. Our packaging professionals are trained in clean room protocol, protective equipment, proper use of material handling equipment and safety procedures. And many of our employees are experienced fork lift operators.

On Site Packing Service
- Packing anything from personal effects to heavy machinery
- We can package items at your own location. Custom packing cases and palletization a specialty, thus reducing your transport costs
- National and international destinations - entrust your export packing to a tried and trusted organization
- Clients can oversee and monitor the onsite packing process

IT Solutions/Offerings

At Terapac Technology, our main objective is to serve all our customers using the latest and advance technologies. Terapac Technology consists of a team of skilled professionals with a wealth of skill sets ranging from systems integration, application development, project management and consultancy.
We aim to delivery custom-fitted superior IT solution that enables the implementation of your business strategies efficiently and cost-effectively with the following services and product offerings including but not limited to :-

Hardware Procurement
Do you require a specific requirement for your CPU that is tailored to your specific needs? Need a new printer, more memory, a cable or maybe a better video card? With hundreds of items in stock, repairs, custom built or upgrades can be quickly carried out with the top of the line, high end quality components for both new and existing systems. Our trained technicians can also provide alternative suggestions and are able to custom built your system with the latest and high end requirement at just a fraction of the price.

Hardware Installation
Do you have router or switch, printer or maybe new computer system, RAM or other technology components that needs to be installed effectively? Our technicians will install and configure these components catering your specific needs.

Technical Support
If you are in need for Information Technolofy assistances but do not have the need or resources for a full-time IT department, our friendly staff is available when you need them – ALL AT LESS THE COST OF MAINTAINING YOUR OWN INTERNAL IT DEPARTMENT.
Virus/Spyware Removal

Is your computer running slow, does it reboot or shut itself down, getting error messages or blue screens? Chances are that your computer has been infected with viruses, Trojan horses, and/or Spyware. Viruses & Spyware can lead to collection of personal information, possible identity theft, and complete data loss. Our technicians will remove Viruses and Spyware from your computer, improving your security, and restoring optimum performance to your system.
Web Design

At Terapac Technolgy, we design, deploy and manage websites of the highest custom quality for forward-thinking Corporate and small business clients that demand a return on their internet solution investment. Today, Internet unquestionable has transformed the way how business is being conducted. The new digital marketplace has emerged leveraging the technologies offered by Web.
We provide the following services to our clients including but not limited to :-

• Custom web design that needs our clients "look and feel"
• Connecting with customer while loweing costs of doing business
• User friendly web design to ensure effective site flow and information delivery
• Flash design
• Corporate Identity

Basic requirements for a web design page recommended are as below :-
• 1 homepage
• 1 contact us and location map page
• 1 online feedback page
• 3-4 pages of products and services
Terapac Technology is able to delivery all of the above at a smaller budget to meet your financial needs !!!

Advertising/Media Soultions

Branding your company’s look and feel with logos, letterhead, business cards, envelopes, Posters, Bunting and packaging labels are essential.  We provide logo design, custom made static and animated banners of all sizes, custom graphics, flyers, brochures, ads for printing on CDs or posters, flash animated designs, video advertisements, and lots more. 

At Terapac Technology, our clean and innovative style will have your company’s look and feel eye-catching – representing your company or product and communicate your purpose and values to your target audience.We strive to present our client with the best graphic options by having a comprehensive understanding of our client’s requirement, step by step logo and graphic designing process to ensure that a creative solution is ready to present our client’s identity online !!!